Here are some Frequently asked Questions:

Q: Is there an age when my dog is just really too old to learn new manners and life skills?

A: Honestly no, I have worked with dogs in their teens that were still able to make some amazing behavior changes.

Q: What makes you different from other trainers?

A: We use a balanced approach that not only addresses your training issues but we create an understanding between you and your dog.

Q: Do I have to be mean to my dog in order to be the leader in our home?

A: Oh my goodness NO, never, a true leader is consistent, patient, and kind remembering that NO will mean just that, NO!

Q: We can’t invite anyone into our home because our dogs jumps all over them or barks in confined the entire time they are here, can you help us?

A: This is to date probably the most common problem I hear about besides dogs pulling on the leash, YES we can help.

Q: Are there cases that you do not accept ?

A: YES, I will not accept a case where the owner is not fully committed to the dog’s training or a dog that has attacked a child repeatedly.

Q: I have a rescue that is not housebroken and I am being told that there is little chance that there is anything I can do to fix that, is that true?eal

A: Each dog is different but I do feel that just about any dog can be housebroken regardless of their background.

Q: My dog has recently attacked and injured someone and we are now very afraid he will do it again, is it true that once a biter always a biter?

A: In many ways, yes. Once a dog has learned he can control others with aggression, that skill gets stronger. We can however put numerous management tools in place to keep it from happening again.

Q: Our dog goes crazy every time he sees another dog. We are not sure if he wants to play or if he wants to hurt the other dog, can you help us?

A: Yes with my background in running an off leash dog park in NYC and my own pack of dogs, we are very versed in years of evaluating dog language as well as teaching a very reactive dog how to behave around other dogs.

Q: I am going to be evicted from my apartment because my dog will not stop barking when I am at work, I can’t afford to take her to daycare, can you fix this?

A: While living in New York City I worked with over 200 dogs with the same issue with incredible success. So the answer is yes.