Puppy Training

New puppies are a joy but also challenging, let us help you!

If it is at all possible, why don’t we set up a pre-puppy arrival training session for the entire family before the new pup arrives so that we can get everyone off (including the pup) on the right Paw.

Getting a new puppy can be one the most joyful yet stressful events.  It is a good thing they are so cute!! Not to worry if you have had him a little while we can still come in and get things right!!

You probably figured this out already but NO puppy ever really likes the crate even though all of the books and experts say they MUST be crate trained.  So how do you deal with the whining and barking?

Puppy Training in New Jersey

Puppy Training in New Jersey

Here are what we hear most often about a new puppy:

Housebreaking a Puppy

  1. We take him out and he comes right in and goes potty on the floor.
  2. No matter how hard we try to give him something else to chew on, he is still bites us.
  3. We have tried crating him but he barks and wakes everyone up every night.
  4. We give him commands but he doesn’t listen.
  5. He is constantly grabbing our kids toys or clothing.
  6. We can’t walk him on leash because he either throws himself on the ground or chokes himself pulling.
  7. Our kids are now terrified of him.
  8. He is chewing EVERYTHING he can get is teeth on.